Ever have this problem?

Where is my stuff? A challenge for all ages.   Here I am going to try to answer the question "How do I go about finding and moving my pictures around?"  

The following discussion is for Windows 10 computer users only.  Much of the information will be appropriate for Windows 7 users as well.

Click here for examples of how to use file explorer....

I have a new recommendation for finding your pictures.  A newly discovered utility that searches your computer for any file can be found on the What's new page from this website.  Click on MUST HAVE UTILITIES FOR WINDOWS   This may sound similar to Windows File Explorer (the yellow folder from your task bar) but it is superior in every way.  I highly recommend you check the link out and download and install the free program.  If this interests you, please contact this website for more detailed instructions if you need them.  The program name surprisingly enough is EVERYTHING.   I have tested it and found it to be excellent.  

Finding pictures on your IOS devices is a bit easier than on your Windows 10 computer. If you arrived here from viewing the DROPBOX presentation and wanted to review where your pictures are on you IOS device then follow this link. 

If you have read other articles on this website, you know I always start my discussions with questions for you to answer (to yourself that is!)

Are you an organized person?  The computer can be thought of like an old style filing cabinet.  Or are you like me?  Forever disorganized and can't keep a file cabinet straight anyway, never able to find what I just filed away?

Are you syncing all your devices so that pictures and files are everywhere?  Is this what you want?  Maybe like some other club members you just want to find them on your computer?  Are you trying to organize the photos already on your computer?  What kind of software are you using?  Does it do what you want it to do?  I could go on and on.  All of these questions have been talked about at the club meetings at one time or another. 


There are several locations on this website that answer some of the questions above.  For your benefit I'm going to consolidate all that information in this single article.

1.  Open file explorer.  How do I do this?

      -  After double clicking the icon, you may see something like this:  picture1

       -   Or it might look something like this:   picture2

       -   it might even look something like this:  picture3

2.   It doesn't really matter which of the 3 pictures above that your computer displays because what we are interested in is the right hand column.  Of all the various displays that portion of the display on the right hand side should be very similar to mine.  Take a moment and become familiar with the screen.   Focus on this:  picture4

3.  OK.  Ready? Now move your mouse pointer over "this pc" and left click the  ">" next to "this PC".  picture5

4.  Now you see picture6

Somewhere in all of the folders you now see,  are ALL of your files, data, music and yes all of your pictures.  Lets repeat the original question.  Where are my pictures!!??

We are making progress.  Hang in there.  

Find the folder "Pictures".  This is supposed to be where are your pictures reside.  Remember the filing cabinet concept?  In my mind, I page through the specific filing cabinet drawer labeled 'pictures'.  Open the folder the same way you opened 'this PC'  in step 3 above.

If that's all there was to it, ALAKAZAM!  You have found your pictures.  BUT... and there is always a but.   Have you found them all? 

Now open your downloads folder.  See any pictures?  Hey, if you had to straighten out a real filing cabinet, it wouldn't be easy would it?   I'm here to help you get organized! 


Your first goal is to look through all your folders locating all your pictures.  Is there an easy way to search without opening every individual folder.  Good news, YES!  

Once you've found them all, your second goal is to move all you pictures into the 'Pictures' folder.  You do this using 'drag & drop' from one folder to another.   For a complete explanation:  review this presentation made to the computer club on November 15, 2017. 


Coming Soon:  summarized version of drag & drop 

While the drag & drop examples are for using a flash drive, the process is the same.  You drag your photos from wherever they are over to the 'pictures' folder.  

Click here to learn the easy way to find all your files.

But, beware, all short cuts have their caveats. 


Photos on the iPad & iPhone are so much easier to find.  Observe the pics below:  The "Photos" icon is the same on both devices.  If you were using the "Dropbox" app on your IOS devices, they are easy to upload and mail to your friends.


If your documents, photos or contacts don't seem to be where you think they should be, then try searching on your iPhone or iPad.  Simply "swipe down" from the top of the screen on either device to display the search bar.   

Searching for pictures or files on your computer is easy as long as you have patience and use appropriate searching criteria.  Searching your entire computer for a single document could take many hours.  

Here is a snapshot of a windows 10 desktop with 2 file explorer windows opened.  On the left the user has opened the search bar and is preparing to look for something in the documents folder.

On the right side the user whats to search for files on a USB flash drive

We will discuss this in more detail at the 2018 computer club meetings.  

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