Abbreviated texting and the use of SYMBOLS have been around for a long long time and began wide spread use in the general population by the early1990's. 

Everyone knows LOL:  laughing out loud [OR]  it could be Lots of Love

But what about TTFN Hint:  tigger said it

And the famous BFF Best friends for how long?

AAF:       As a Friend

AFC:  Away from computer

OMG:  Another easy one!

AWC:  After while crocodile

R U there :  Are you there?  (too easy!)

B/C:  Because

YSK:  You should know

Especially for JB residents.....

CRS:   Cant remember stuff

CUATSC:  See you at the senior center

KOK  (that was pretty easy)

XME:  Excuse me

GGLKI:  Gotta go Laxative kicking in


In the early days of computing every bit and byte counted and cost money.  Click here to see what they did....

This went on for several years until Al Gore invented the Internet.  Then what happened?

The advent of using abbreviations was upon us.  No one, wants to write full sentences - it's slow and besides it costs money to get "online" and the longer you were 'connected' the more it costs.  

Today what's going on?  Read a bit more


Up until 1990 the most popular use of the word DITTO might have been in response to someone who said something you agreed with and you replied with "ditto that ...."   But in 1990 the movie "Ghost" made it very popular when Demi Moore would say "I love you" and Patrick Swayze would respond  with "ditto".  

My use of ditto goes back at least 40 years prior to that when IBM started producing computers for big business.  Similar to what programs and Apps do today, ditto was an IBM program that first started out life as a simple copy program for computer operators.  It stood for "Data Interfile Transfer, Testing and Operations". 

Click here to go to the internet to see the meaning of the word DITTO