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Who the heck are the Soberys?

July 1, 2017

And, why do we care?  Expanding the Blase family tree. 


My Aunt Bonnie said to me in an E-mail several months ago:


"When I was in early grade school, we took a trip and stopped in Carbondale [Ill.] at a bakery. The Sobery family ran the bakery and lived in the back I think. I remember two boys my age or older getting ready for school. Then when I was in college I visited the bakery and the Soberys' still ran it! Tony and I visited the bakery in later years and it was no longer a bakery. I think there were Soberys in St. Louis. I remember as a little kid, going to St. Louis (from Springfield) to visit some people named 'Soberys'."


Bonnie was like a sister to me when I was living with her parents, Carl & Nellie Blase.  Mostly I remember they went to Beardstown Illinois for watermelons, to the Ozarks for I don't know what but I got 'rock candy' when they returned!  On their return from their trips south the best snack in the world was "Ooey, gooey buttercake". No kidding that was the official name!  


Even with all my 30 years of family research, I'd never heard or seen the name Sobery.  With the tidbits of info from Bonnie, I started my research.


The owner of the bakery was  John Sobery.   Born 1881 in Germany, he married in the U.S.  in 1909.  He had 5 children and a sister (Augusta) according to the 1930 Missouri census.  His occupation was "baker" (surprise - well at least we know we have the right person). 

I said to Bonnie:  "When your Grandfather,  Carl H Blase Sr.  died there were 2 families named Sobery,  that in 1947 signed his Funeral book and attended the wake.  Mr & Mrs John Sobery and Mr & Mrs Frederick A. Sobery".   

John oldest son was Frederick Adolph.  He was, guess what?  An apprentice baker!  His run for public office is at the left.   Frederick was born 1911 in Carbondale, Ill.  The youngest son of John Sobery was  John J. Sobery, born in 1920.   So which one attended the wake with Frederick?  An educated guess is that because "Father" Sobery did not pass away until 1958, he was the one who new Carl Blase senior and that his oldest son accompanied him to Springfield. 

Are they friends of the family or relatives? 

Are you with me so far?  You say "So what, what's the big deal?"  Well, the elder John Sobery had married Amelia.  Amelia's maiden name was Maslo.  She was also born in Germany in 1890 but immigrated here in 1892.   I have no idea who brought her over.  I've seen a picture of John & Amelia's Sobery headstone:  The proper spelling is Amalia - with an A and they are buried in Missouri. 


Research shows Amalia (Maslo) Sobery &  John Maslo parents were Adolph & Maria (born Gendrysek) Maslo. 


And there you have it.  As John Maslo was brother-in-law to Carl H. Blase Sr and Amalia was sister-in-law, John Sobery would have been a brother-in-law by marriage to Carl H. Blase Sr. 


When Bonnie (Blase) Lehde remembers visiting the Sobery family, they are going to see the next generation.  Fred would have been very close in age to Carl H. Blase Jr. 







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