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Crib dreams & murder!

May 2, 2017

PART 4:  I remember Grandma & Grandpa: In my years in a crib, I remember being in Grandma’s room.  Thinking of the arrangements: 4 daughters, Mom,Dad and me and one bathroom (we’ll get to the basement shower later). I guess two girls stayed upstairs. Of course I was a little guy and all this closeness didn’t affect me. Oh, and something else.  Maybe you didn’t realize, but if as a child I slept in the attic at 4 I was in a crib in Grandma's room until 3.   I have one very early memory memory of this and verified it in later years with my mother.  I had a nightmare in that crib!


Grandma & my mother were in the bathroom having a fight. I know this because my crib is positioned just inside the bedroom, by the hallway door.  It is where, in later years Grandma’s dresser sat.  Not only do I recall the crib, but I remember its location.   I can see the fight taking place as the argument wakes me.  I pull myself up and look through the 'bars' of the crib to watch, peaking around the corner of the door.  I can’t clearly remember anymore but one of them “pulls out a gun” and shoots the other one!


I wake screaming and screaming but eventually realize nothing is coming out.  That happens you know, you are so scared you cant make your vocal cords work.  While staring at my peacefully sleeping Grandma from my crib, I finally realize no one is waking up to give me comfort.  I laid back down and whimpering just a little, finally went back to sleep.



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Jonny's liver was big in those days

March 24, 2017

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