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Pandora's Box

January 30, 2017

After exhausting  old time radio (OTR) cassette rental at the local library I began to visit other libraries in search of fresh material. Several months went by and I made multiple discoveries. First, the availability of diverse programs began to grow. I Could rent The LONE RANGER, FIBER MAGEE & MOLLIE, and a few others. While Sherlock Holmes remains my favorite, The Shadow emerged as my second best-loved old time radio program. Second, along with availability OTR popularity was growing - evidenced by the fact I had an elongated wait to obtain an unheard program. The helpful librarians could tell me when a return rental was due and I would schedule a timely visit. Third, some of the tapes had contemporary introductions indicating other programs were available for sale.  I could order through the mail!


I was hooked. I discovered various 'heroes' with tales of suspense that held my interest. But lets not get carried away here. Remember why I was doing this? Right. I needed some 'sound' at night to distract my brain from the constant ringing in my ears. I sent away for catalogues that might broaden my choices for new material.


Just as El Guapo said in the Three Amigos "Would you say I have a Plethora of [presents]...?", a huge cache of radio programs were available.  So many in fact they were categorized.  Radio mysteries, westerns, crime fighting & gum shoe detectives, comedies, and on and on. 


Programs generally cost $1 to $5 per show.  Quite expensive in 1980.  Over time I began to build my own library.  Today, 90% of my library has been transferred to MP3. 



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