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I remember Grandpa & Grandpa Forward Introduction.

January 6, 2017

   PART 1: I wrote this for my Grandsons and the descendants, family & relatives  of Carl and Nellie Blase.   They are my memories of Grandma and Grandpa  and mostly what happened in their house in the first 12 years of my life.

   Told from my childhood recollections. Dated events such as the big tornado, the gas meter, alley hunting, the shot gun, twilight zone, cow brains and so on are not necessarily accurate, but birth dates, deaths and marriages are carefully verified.    

  As family history goes, not much has been recorded on the Blase family.  There are letters from one person to another that can be found, but actual events and what it was like to be around them would be somewhat difficult to reconstruct.   


 So lets get right to it.  When I used to look at old photo books that Grandma kept, I wished I could have read something about the people in the pictures.  I wanted to know where my Great, Great Grandparents came from and what they were like.  I knew they were from Germany.  But there were other questions I wanted to ask.  Martin Luther was a German Reformer.  Is that why our family is Lutheran?  What were they like?  What did they do?  Why didn’t old people smile when their pictures were taken?   





I find my memories told in story form are easier to have than to put down on paper.  In any case I started asking questions too late in my grandparents lives.  Many times they could no longer recall family facts.   My story begins with my first memory and comes to a close around age 12.  In other words 1952 until 1964.  The posts are excerpts from a complete document I've written and are roughly in chapter form with some  'Food & Recipes' I share for you the reader.  


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