Discussed at the December 2016 meeting:  Your iPad

It has not changed that much.  These suggestions still work.

I use my IPAD for Email, Facetime, Facebook, listening to Pandora (for music) and ITunes (my favorite radio stations).  I use Safari and sometimes I take, send & print pictures.  I have my own music library and use BLUETOOTH to connect an external speaker.  I do other stuff, but most often I do the above. 

I also use the ‘fingerprint reader’.  Do you?


  So let’s do a few things to get more familiar with our IPAD's;

Open the TIPS icon. The one with the light bulb that says “tips” under it.  Swipe from right to left to read the suggestions.When finished, tap “collections” in the upper left hand corner.

Go to MAIL (email) then delete an email by placing your finder on the email to be deleted and swipe to the left.If you swipe far enough it automatically disappears.Else you see a red bar with a trash can on it.

Create a new email (for test purposes) and in the body of the mail begin to type the following:Hello blasé.  The unwanted accent mark over the “e” can be changed by back spacing once – to delete the “e”, then hold the “e” key (on the keyboard) down and a popup menu gives you several choices to replace without the accent mark.You can do this with other characters as well.

While still in the same test email, double tap the space bar twice to insert a period.



While still in the same test email, tap & hold the lower bottom left KEYBOARD icon.  A small menu pops up that says UNDOCK & SPLIT.  Without lifting your finger, slide it up to SPLIT.  After typing, you can do this again to select DOCK & MERGE.  IF THIS DID NOT WORK FOR YOU?  Then go to SETTINGS ->KEYBOARD->turn on "SPLIT KEYBOARD"

 Do a 'four fingered swipe' to return to the HOME PAGE.  Go to       

​SAFARI and open a website (like Yahoo for example) and scroll down  several pages.  Tap TIME at the very top of the screen to automatically return to the top of the page without having to manually scroll back up.


Don't be afraid to try new settings - have some fun -  Go to SETTINGS->GENERAL->->ACCESSIBILITY->DISPLAY ACCOMMODATIONS->INVERT COLORS