What iPhone & iPad presentations are available from the computer club on this website for you to download?

On the 'Welcome' page of this website are several colored folders each containing various types of documents and presentations.  Below is a detailed description of what's in the blue folder.  After finding the document you are interested in, click here for a fast link to it.

What’s in the blue folder labeled “iPhones & iPads”?  


TITLE:                                     Description


Saving email on iPad-iPhone.pdf:  A detailed overview of some new IOS 11 features, including how to save attachments from you emails onto your device


Recommended iPhone settings.pdf:  From the December 5th, 2018 club meeting.  I recommend these settings.  I have tested all of them.  For IOS 11 & 12.  Privacy settings,  turning off “auto correct” and several other suggested changes explained step by step, including “Two Factor Authentication”.


Find my iPhone.pdf:   If you misplace it, it it’s stolen, here is what to do!


Icloud saving photos.pdf:  How to use Apple ‘cloud’ storage to back up your phone & pictures.  How to turn on the settings and check how much space you need.  More than 5Gb?  It will cost you .99 per month for 50GB. 


Google photos iphone- ipad.pdf:   Updated December 6, 2018.  How to set up Google photos back up on your iPhone & iPad.  Step by step instructions for installing the Google App on your device, what phone settings to change and how to use.  Be prepared to create a Google account if you do not have one.


2017 IOS iCloud saving photos.pdf:  An older presentation of how to setup iCloud photo sharing for older iPhones.  Do NOT confuse this with Google photos.  This is strictly with Apple.

Review iPhone general settings.pdf:  An older presentation that explains many settings in IOS 10.2  Most of the examples are still relevant today such as WiFi, Zoom, text size, Siri, airplane mode, cellular data & usage and so on.