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Flash drives - Tips & Tricks

- Not all flash drives are equal.  USB 2.0 is slow.  If your computer has a blue USB port use 3.0 drives, they are much faster.   YES, iPhones & iPads use flash drives but only certain types are compatible with Windows computers.  Why do you care?  Because these special flash drives are designed to copy your Apple files (like all your photos) and make them easily transferable to a Windows 10 computer.  

- Many experts suggest these drives have a 10 year life span.  Contrast that with DVDs which have a 20-200 year lifespan,  depending on the quality you buy.


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- Under certain conditions a USB flash drive should always be 'ejected' from your windows computer.  WHY?  Tech tip       

This applies to APPLE-MAC users as well.  

- Flash drives typically cost anywhere from $5 to as much as $260.  As mentioned above, choosing USB 3.0 and larger capacity drives will cost more than 2.0 versions.  Prices & sizes change frequently.

- Deciding what size to buy requires a bit of preparation on your part and will be time well spent.   

- A quick check on vendors:  Its like going down the breakfast cereal isle.  The are so many choices it gets confusing.  Like most products you can buy, there are name brands and 'off' brands.  I am familiar with Leef, Kingston, SanDisk, PNY, Lexar and Verbatim.  I do not recommend one over another.

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