Our Welcome page contains the available presentations that have been shown or explained at a prior computer club meeting


When using Safari on an iPad or phone, files will open automatically. 

They can be found in the BLUE folder

**colored folders not seen on iPhones **

You may have to click "view more"


Here are 4 suggestions to get you started

1.  Your family history:  how to document & save it!  this presentation is a little older, but contains tons of links and helpful information .  I highly recommended it.  A great way to Start!  Look in "Miscellaneous"  File name starts with Docume...PDF

***NOTE*** This presentation is quite detailed with 96 slides.  It is best viewed on an iPad or computer.  However, a Phone will still allow you to see the presentation and you can click and follow any active links to other websites

2. presentation:  Find links for free apps: google maps, how to build a website and what is a Waze app?  Are you looking for a password manager?   First discussed at a November 2016 meeting.  a content update was made on 1/6/2019  Click here to be taken directly to the folder containing the "Password managers.pdf"  

3. Presentation:  iPhones & iPads

Find this presentation on the welcome page under the Blue folder labeled: 

ipohnes & ipads given in 2017 for IOS 10 and older 

4.  Look here for the very popular Computer Medic presentations

 all start with "Medics..."  - choose

the yellow folder to view or download

Currently, there are 22 "Windows10" presentations,  plus 7 iPhone/iPad presentations and many others covering a variety of topics