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 the following reviews are products tested by the a Jamaica Bay Computer Club co-chairman.  Most have been discussed at a prior club meeting.  

Is your computer running slow? Are you thinking about buying some software to speed it up?  Or maybe you think it's the hardware and perhaps you need to buy a faster machine?  For fun, watch the video on the left and then read the reviews below.

The Photo Stick review by club member  Did you hear that this USB flash drive will backup all you photos automatically?  There are many products like this on the market be sure to do your research before buying something.  The company that owns this product is Prairie IT (web address)  From there you'll  go to the photostick website. I highly recommend that before you decide to buy that you read my article.

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MalwareBytes for your iPhone!

Make your Internet browser better!  Use Extensions! We discussed them at  prior club meetings.  Read more about them below.


GET Microsoft EXTENSIONS:  Follow this link and choose "extensions"

Safari uses the Apple Store and "settings" on you iPhone.  Demonstrated at the November 2018 club meeting

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