Here are 5 options you can choose from to learn about how to create backups of your own data

If you arrived here from reading the article "Why backup my computer" or "How do I backup my stuff" (from elsewhere on this website) continue reading this page to see the steps Eileen took to create a backup of her pictures and documents.  She then moved her data to a new computer.  OPTION 2,3,4 & 5 are guided discussions on other ways to backup your devices.

two windows


OPTION 1:  Most of these steps were also covered in the computer club presentation on November 15, 2017. Here is a 2 step summarized version.  

1.  Insert your flash drive into any open USB port.  Confused about flash drives?  Go Here. 

2. Open “file explorer”.  Next, open a second file

explorer window by right clicking the yellow folder

icon from the taskbar. 

Drag & resize the two windows.  Notice that the 

flashdrive appears as USB DISK (F:)  Your letter might

be G or D etc.

Left click a file or document or picture that you want to save or backup and hold down the mouse button, moving your mouse to

"drag" it to the flash drive. 



OPTION 2:  A guided discussion on how to purchase and use a device for automatic Windows backups.   

OPTION 3:  A guided discussion on how to purchase cloud storage for ALL your devices.  I think of this option as an insurance policy for your computers and mobile devices.  I tend to shy away from things that I have to pay for if I don't have to.  Sometimes its just unavoidable.  

OPTION 4: A guided discussion on how to backup pictures on your IOS device  This topic was covered at the December 6, 2017 club meeting

OPTION 5: Go see the new Decision Tree and choose a topic that discusses all kinds of backups