Are you new to the Jamaica Bay community? 


Regardless if you are a snowbird or moving in for the first time the tips on this page may help answer some questions about technology here in our park.  

If you are purchasing a new home, cables and wall outlets for internet hookup are installed and wired when the house is setup.  You should address this with park management and choose where you want the hookups.  


Are you moving from a location where you had Comcast?  They will suggest "transferring" your service.  However,  with a new account in Jamaica Bay, you may receive "discounts" not available to current customers.     

Are you purchasing an existing home?  You'll want to read my suggestions below on black cable.

Helpful Comcast information:  click here to read 

On this website is information about Comcast.  Click here and go to the JB Internet" page and get some suggestions.

FREE WiFI for YOU!  The Veranda and the Clubhouse both have free WiFi.  In the library is a desktop computer for your use and it is connected to the internet as well.  The computer club does not maintain this so if you have problems, contact the office.

BLACK Comcast cable:  This is very old wiring.  It causes many unusual problems and you should have it replaced.  It is the same cable that provides you with TV service. 

Talk with the office about the best way to replace this.

If you have had work done under your house, you should call a company that advertises in the Jamaican news to obtain a free inspection of your moisture barrier.

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