Part 1 Introduction

The Dark Web is part of the internet that search engines, like Google, can't find. Because of that, sites in the Dark Web may be conducting illegal activity that may include your information.


Why care about the Dark Web?

One type of illegal activity that can happen on the Dark Web is the trading or selling of personally identifying information. Thieves use these sites to sell or buy Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, passwords, and other stolen or breached data.


What you can do.

Make sure to create and regularly change strong passwords. Also, keep an eye on your financial statements for anything suspicious. These are good practices, but they still may leave you in the dark when it comes to specific threats.


Do you believe the IRS is really after you?  Listen carefully to this recorded phone scam
IRS Phishing scam - JBCC website developer
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The following scam was one of our main topics for the October 17, 2018 club meeting



This is my story:   I’m going along FDH on my FIREFOX web browser

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  A miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer?                                                         NO!

Watch 2 very short videos and see what happened to me while browsing the internet and then download the Fat, Dumb, Happy presentation to see what I did to recover and why

using Malwarebytes & Windows Defender

After receiving the above message this page appeared next on my Firefox web browser

If you want to see what happened next then view or download the presentation "Fat Dumb & Happy" available on this site Welcome Page in the GREY folder titled 'Scams Virus Malware'. 


More fraud & scams from 2019:  Scary message in Google Chrome - but it can happen in any browser!)  I'm on the internet and this message pops up on my screen!

Have you locked your credit?  Think you are safe?
This just happened to me!

From the Lee County Sheriff's Office


Click here to visit their site

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