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My advice when installing a Comcast Modem for the first time.

After reading this, does it describe you?

A JB resident story about experiences with new Comcast Modem installations:

They bought new IOS devices at the local Apple store.  Prior to that they had never used WiFi (but did have Comcast TV).  They also had no experience with a computer.

They called Comcast, who in turn directed them to the local Comcast consumer store.  The helpful guy/girl behind the counter handed them a modem, indicated where the network name & password was located and said something like "it's easy to install yourself, but we can do it for $60, oh and it's $10 a month to rent. 

They took the modem home, unboxed it, plugged it in, and realized they had NO IDEA what to do next.


Suggestion:  Pay Comcast to install it! 


Suggestion:  Take your mobile device(s) to the JB clubhouse and try to connect to the free WiFi.  After successfully connecting to JB clubhouse, Go home now and look for your network at home. 

Question 2:  Have you ever had a phone before? 

Answer:  I 'upgraded' from a flip phone to an iPhone & iPad.

Suggestion:  Once you have figured out how to connect your iPad, the phone should connect in the same way.

My other comments: 

Scheduling Comcast to come out and do the initial install only costs $60. Unless you know what you are doing you don't want the 



 I suggested that after everything was resolved, they could replace the Comcast modem with a purchased modem and save $10 every month? 

Going back to Comcast?  Check these notes

1.  Your old equipment may work (is it DOCSYS 3.0 or higher - whats this?) But and this is a BIG but remember, technology changes all the time.  If your equipment is a few years old perhaps it is better to replace it to make sure your get the speed you pay for. 

2.  What speed do I need?  Comcast offers several plans and the costs  change frequently.  I highly recommend you make some decisions BEFORE calling Comcast.

     -  If your only consideration is cost, then I suggest a plan that offers a minimum of 25Mbps.  This will be very satisfactory especially if you are not using WiFi.  What I mean by this is that you plug your computer (Apple or Windows) into the modem using a cable.  I refer to this as a "direct connection".


     -  If you use IOS devices like an iPad or iPhone, or Android, then WiFi is the only "connection" available.  This might be important to you as WiFi is much, much slower than a "direct connection". 

     -  If your decision is to balance costs with the best service you can afford, (IE the grandkids are visiting, or you go to the internet a lot, or you get  frustrated with slow speed, that sort of thing) then I suggest taking a close look at the 75 Mbps plan.  

3.  OK,  you have decided on a plan, the approximate costs and if you are going to rent Comcast equipment or purchase your own, it's time to  give them a call.


What equipment should I buy?

Recommendations for the best equipment change all the time.  Do some research.  Do you need a combination modem/router or do you just want a "modem" or do you have a modem and need a router that provides WiFi?

What's a modem?


What's a router?  (requires you have 2 devices to connect up and 2 cables.  This is a little more complicated and a little more expensive)

Modem/router combinations:  A Modem/Router combo can be Easier to Setup.  A combination unit has less moving parts, you only have1 cable line and 1 less device to worry about.  In most cases, a combination unit is easy enough for beginners to use if you do not want to go into advanced router settings.

Be very careful with your selection.  Mostly likely all equipment will perform as advertised, but you must purchase the correct type!

The bottom line:  If you want WiFi then a modem/router combination works. Approximate cost:  $100 and up.  If you only need a modem and do not plan to use WiFi then plan on spending $100 or less. 

Is all this too confusing?  Comcast will make the decision for you.  They will install the equipment and make it work for a $60 installation fee and a $11 monthly rental.  Benefit:  Get up and running then change out the rental modem for one that you purchased.