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IMPORTANT.  This just in:  New technical term for you to remember: Uncooped. 


In case you didn’t know, it’s November.  The leaves are changing colors, we just had hundreds of children trick or treat our house here in the park and my car had a slight frost on it this morning. 


 I think I’m losing it from being self-quarantined these past months.  It was nice to get out and attend our first computer club meeting of the season October 7. 15 people showed up, wore masks and did the social distance thing.  Thank you!


We talked about email fraud, making movies with your photos,  a little bit about Win 10 and the iPhone, screen scraping and finally Hamilton.  Alexander Hamilton?  That guy from a couple hundred years ago?  Yup.   We also talked about smart TV’s and streaming.


Interesting?  Here’s the deal:  I saw Hamilton last year at the Barbara Mann and tickets for the bleacher seats were quite expensive.  I didn’t know they had an elevator that went that high up! Anyway, If you have a smart TV and subscribe to the Disney channel (for about $6.95 per month), they have a wide variety of entertainment and currently offer the musical Hamilton for free.  A year subscription is much less than the cost of 1 ticket to the show.  If you decide this is for you, move quickly as Disney’s offer could end at any time.  Not sure what to do or how to get it?  Ask you kids for help or drop us a line at jamaicabaycomputerclub@gmail.com


Here is another term you might not be familiar with:  Screen Scraping.  No, not your house window screens.  If you are curious, come to a computer club meeting and learn all about screen scraping!  It’s a real term, GOOGLE it!


15 people, including myself, now have something new to think about besides corvid-19.  Come to the next computer club meeting November 4th in clubhouse room C1, Wednesday at 1:30PM and get “uncooped”. 


From your co-leaders Gary & Chuck

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Our Jamaica Bay Computer Club meets the first and third Wednesday of the month in clubhouse room C1 from 1:30 to 3:30  We are hoping to start up our meetings again in October!

Did you know?  There are hundreds of Windows, iPhone and Google short cut keys.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this page!

All the keyboard shortcuts I talk about below involve the use of the “windows logo” key which is at the bottom of the keyboard, usually 1 or 2 keys to the left of the space bar.  It looks like this:  

   Now, using this key, try some of these shortcuts:

Windows logo + E:   Open windows explorer to see all the folders and devices on your computer

Windows logo key  + period (.) or semicolon (;)   Open the emoji panel.  Whaaaaat?  Yes, Windows 10 has built in emojis!  Add them to your emails!

Windows logo key  + Plus (+) : Open Magnifier.  This tool allows you to enlarger the print on your screen!  Set the ‘views’ to full screen and then press the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ minus key.

Windows logo key  + S  :  Open the search bar.  Looking for an App on your computer?  This is the shortcut key for you!

Windows logo key  + I :  Opens your Windows system Settings.  Here you can change your screen background picture, uninstall a program, and review dozens of settings.

Don’t miss next month’s article when we talk about iPhone and iPad shortcuts!  Do you frequently visit a particular website on your phone?  Create a shortcut!  Here is a sample: 

Add Webpages to the Home Screen :   To get to your favorite webpage on your phone requires several steps  or even heading to bookmarks to choose a page isn’t really a quick solution. Thankfully, IOS lets you create shortcuts for webpages in the home screen.


It’s simple, just head to your webpage in Safari and hit the share button. In the third row of the share page, hit the “Add to Home Screen” button and the webpage’s shortcut will be added to the home screen.

Google Chrome also has dozens of shortcut keys.  Have you ever 'accidently' closed a tab?  You can reopen closed tabs by pressing and holding down the CTRL+SHIFT+T keys at the same time.

Looking for a list of all Google Chrome short cuts?  Go to our webpage. 

Find all of the GOOGLE CHROME windows shortcuts (at least for now) on our website: 


Follow this link for a list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts:


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Jamaican article October 2020

Our new season for the computer club is scheduled to start up October 7 at 1:30 pm in the clubhouse. I know we have all been cooped up since March 17 and are probably anxious to get out and do something different.  There is no way to predict what impact the virus will have by October but we are currently planning on holding both meetings on the first & third Wednesdays.  If circumstances change we will review this and notify you of any changes, cancellations, etc.  Send your e-mail address to the JBCC (address listed below) if you would like to receive future club communications. 

   We will re-start our meetings under the following conditions:   If you are not feeling well or running a fever, please do not attend.

We must all wear masks.We must maintain 6 foot distance between each other.This means 1 person on each side of a table.If husband and wife sit together then a maximum of 3 people.

Information about our first meeting:

Over the summer I have had numerous calls from folks having phone or computer problems. I have never seen so many e-mail scams.  How about you?  Come and share your experiences.  At our meeting we’ll discuss how our members can get help.   

Some of our members have had their contact lists stolen resulting in fake emails to their friends asking for money or gift cards.  These look legitimate but are NOT.  We’ll talk what you can do if that happens. 

More about the first meeting:   We have all probably spent more hours surfing the internet that ever before.  I have discovered several new sites to share with you that you might find interesting.  These sites are available on the iPad, Android, iPhone and Win10 computers.

Finally, one of the Jamaican articles I wrote this summer touched on keyboard shortcuts.  There are iPhone shortcuts as well.  We’ll take a deeper dive into these and provide some handouts. 

In the September article I promised more on shortcuts.  I have run out of room so you need to attend our meeting to get more information. 

Brought to you by your Jamaica Bay Computer Club!     www.jamaicabaycomputerclub.com


Our Jamaica Bay Computer Club meets the first and third Wednesday of the month in clubhouse room C1 from 1:30 to 3:30

We have completed our 5 special presentations for this season covering Apple iPhones, iPads & Mac computers.  The Lee County Sheriff's office also came and talked about fraud and the dark web. If the “dark web” topic interests you, read all about it at our club website: https://www.jamaicabaycomputerclub.com/darkweb-1  The website is also iPad/iPhone friendly.

Meetings in March will focus on Windows laptops, Chromebooks, basic computer skills and mobile technology. 

Is your computer running slow?  Is your desktop littered with so many icons you can’t see the photo behind it?   Did you know?  The second Monday in February was “National Clean Out Your Computer Day”.  Come to a club meeting and we will show you how to do this.

In my February article I used the expression “darn it”.  Did you know this phrase first appeared in print in 1731?   IBM first appeared in 1934 and Apple computers appeared in 1976?  Check out this website for more “ngrams”: https://books.google.com/ngrams

Are you still running the obsolete Windows 7 operating system?  You are not alone.  So is the Gulf Coast Hospital system on Metro.  I hope our doctors don’t rely on technology to heal us.

We are always open to new ideas for topics to cover at our meetings.  Send your suggestions to the club by email and tell us what you would like to see discussed. 


Our address is jamaicabaycomputerclub@gmail.com

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